Coronavirus update

Coronavirus update

Important Message

Dear Windover Hills Congregation & Friends,

In consultation with church leadership, and in light of the moment by moment changes in our society due to the Covid-19 (Coronovirus) pandemic, we wish to share with you the steps we will be taking at Windover Hills UMC in the coming weeks.

We will offer “live” worship in our church at the normal 9am & 11am hours, tomorrow, March 15. However, we are cancelling our normal 10am Fellowship Time & Sunday School Small Groups until further notice. We will also not be serving communion at any services for now.
If, due to health or age, you fall into one of the “compromised” groups that should avoid larger groups of people, we encourage you to stay home and watch worship / the message time at our 9am service.

You can find a link to our Facebook page (where our message is livestreamed weekly), from our website,, or find us on Facebook at the Windover Hills Facebook page.
If you have any symptoms of illness, we ask that, for the sake of the health of everyone, that you remain home and worship with us online or with any other online churches.

During this time, we encourage our members to be faithful with their Tithes and offerings to God’s work through our church by using our online giving platform which can be found on our website.

I encourage us as Christ’s body to continue to look to God as our rock during this time of so much fear and anxiety in our world. We have been talking this Lent about not allowing emotions to control us, but to trust in God. Next week, I will be sharing with us how to say to Fear: Fear -You’re Not the Boss of Me Now!! I want to encourage you to view that message when we post it.

Windover Hills leadership will be monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic this week and we will inform you by Thursday March 19th whether we will continue to offer “live” worship or if we will go to an online platform only, and, if possible how long that may last. If we move to an online platform only, we will broadcast live at 10am Sunday mornings.

I want to encourage you to love one another, care for your neighbors and use this opportunity to share the love & hope we have in Jesus Christ with your family, friends and neighbors.

God Bless, Pastor Steve Gruver & Brad Sandrock (SPRC Chair)

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