Sue Kolljeski in Ghana


Serving the lost in Ghana

Sue Kolljeski works alongside the Methodist Church Ghana in a small rural town in the Upper West Region of the country. For generations, the region has been among Ghana’s poorest, now with one of the highest poverty rates and highest rates of HIV infection in the country.

Since February 2011, Sue has been instrumental in improving the lives of special needs children and their care givers through her work with SNAP (Special Needs Awareness Program), a program that was birthed in her living room. At these meetings, each child belongs, each child matters.

In addition to making home visits to the special needs children of Lawra and providing basic education, health insurance for the children, and the hope of Christ, Sue will extend her work into the village of Kasalgri. Kasalgri is 6 km away. There is no public transportation and only packed earth roads. No Methodist Church currently functions there either.

In Kasalgri, Sue will be making the time and space to build relationships with villagers. She will start a Kid’s Club to provide songs, games, English and Bible with the children living in the village. Sitting under a mango tree, working in the fields, and conveying the love of Christ, Sue will be the Ministry of Presence to these forgotten people.

Lawra Health Program provides much needed food, clothing and supplies to orphans and vulnerable children in the Upper West Region of Ghana, the poorest area of the country. School uniforms, supplies, and tuition are also provided to the children through this project. Lawra Health Program also helps provide needed medical care for children whose family cannot afford it.

To support the Lawra Health Program, please make a donation to project #0628.

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