Feeding the Homeless Locally

Congregate Feed Program

Windover Hills belongs to a group of churches that supports the feeding of the homeless or less fortunate folks at the New Hope Ministries on the North Side. Six Sundays a year we are responsible for feeding anywhere from 30-40 people. It is a heart-warming experience, which is enhanced when families volunteer to do it together.

Volunteer sign up sheets are passed around during church services at least two Sundays before the date of the Congregate Feed. Meals will be served Sundays 4PM-5PM. In 2017 the scheduled dates for Congregate Feed are April 23, July 9, and September 10.  You can volunteer in several ways:

  • Supply food items that are needed to feed about 30-40 homeless at least 2 helpings: There aretwo clipboards passed around. If all the blanks are filled in on both sheets, we will have enough to feed all the folks. You are welcome to sign your name to supply one item, several items or on several blanks for the same item. Drop your donated items off in the Fellowship Hall kitchen labeling it Congregate Feed.
  • Volunteer your time to serve the homeless: At least 5 folks are need each time. We meet in the Fellowship Hall kitchen at 2:30, pack up the cars, travel to New Hope Ministries, serve dinner between 4:00-5:00 and are usually back at the church no later then 5:45.
  • Make a monetary donation: Place it in one of the pew envelopes, mark it “Congregate Feed” and put it in the collection plate.


Food Safety requirements:

  • Hair must be pulled back
  • Clean cups, plates, silverware. If anyone wants seconds you must give them new ones.
  • Must wear gloves when touching any food.
  • Left over opened food must be thrown away at the end of the day or taken home by us. They are not allowed to reuse opened food because of food safety regulations.
  • We do not need to bring plates, napkins, cups, and silverware because Church Union will provide.

Bob Cichowicz is in charge of the Congregate Feed program. For Bob’s contact information please contact the church office at 412-653-6899.