Jumonville Adult Retreat October 2013

Sixteen people from our church and others went to the Jumonville Retreat Center on October 25 and 26. To begin, we all gathered at Fabrizi’s restaurant for dinner on Friday evening, then we checked into the Inn at Jumonville. We spent the the rest of the evening sharing memories of Christmases past.

On Saturday we had breakfast at the Dining Hall, then back at the Inn we read the Bible and continued discussing Christmas, this time with a view to making it more meaningful for ourselves and others.

We then trekked up the mountain, some by car while some of the hardier souls went on foot. It was a cold and windy experience, but the sun was shining and the view was glorious.

After a hearty lunch we gathered again at the Inn, where we closed up our talk of Christmas and then served communion to one another in a moving and memorable service.

We all parted with the hope that we might visit the mountain again some day. Thanks Pastor Jude for organizing this wonderful weekend retreat.