Monday Musings (9/9/13)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This past weekend we began talking about the Apostles Creed. We will spend the next five weeks on this statement of faith. As we begin this journey together I want you to think about why it is that you believe what you believe. Is it because someone else told you, because of something that you read or simply because it makes sense to you? We need to be careful that when we believe something we do so because it is true. It can’t be something that we just think, feel, or perceive to be true. This past Sunday you heard about a man named Marcian. This man believed some things to be true about God and God’s Word that were not true. It is because of this man and his teachings that we have the Apostles Creed. The early Church was trying to set in place a standard of beliefs that everyone could know, memorize, and follow. Thousands of years later that statement of faith is still with us and yet many don’t even know who Marcian is.

The Bible is full of truth. To know this truth however we first must read the Bible. We can not assume that something is true, right, or of common sense if we have never read it. Read your Bible! As you do, you will come to know God’s truth. This truth will become part of your life and you will be drawn ever closer to God. You might even be surprised at the things you thought were true that turn out not to be so. God bless you as you go throughout this week.

Along the Journey,
Pastor Jude

Acts Bible Study:
If you are signing up for next weeks Acts Bible Study please call or email the Church office. So far we have four persons signed up for Monday evening, one person for Wednesday evening, and for Tuesday afternoon. Please let us know this week if you are planning on being part of any of these studies.

Upcoming Events:
Tonight – 6:30pm Trustees
7:00pm Zumba
Tuesday – 9:30am MOPs
6:00pm MOW’s Meal in F.H.
7:00pm Women’s Forum
Wednesday – 6:30pm 9/11 Service & Reception
7:30pm Praise Team
Thursday – 7:00pm Choir
Friday – 5:30pm Wedding Rehearsal
Saturday – 7:30am – Men’s Study
10:00am – AA
10am – 2pm Rite-Aid Flu Clinic
4pm – Wedding
6pm – Table on the Ridge Worship
9/15 8:30am & 11am Worship (Bible’s to 3rd Graders)
9:30am Fellowship Time
9:45am Sunday School
7pm – Youth Group (6th-12th Grade)
9/16 7pm – Acts Bible Study
7pm – Zumba
9/17 1pm – Acts Bible Study
7pm – Church Council
9/18 6:45pm – Windy Kids – Postponed because of SPEC Open House
7pm – Zumba
7:30pm – Praise Team
9/19 7pm – Choir
9/20 11:30am – S.A.S.S. Meeting
9/21 – 7:30am – Men’s Study
10:00am – AA
12pm – South Park Community Day
6pm – Table on the Ridge Worship
9/22 Scout Award Sunday at 11am Worship
9/25 7pm – Charge Conference
9/28 9am – Fall Harvest Show
10/2 6:45pm-7:45pm First Windy Kids
10/20 4pm Football Party at WHUMC – Bring a appetizer or snack item to share
10/25-10/26 Adult Jumonville Retreat
11/2 Spaghetti Dinner
11/24 6pm – Hanging of the Greens Service, Hymn Sing, and Kids Night – Bring a Dessert to share
11/26 7pm Thanksgiving Worship Service
12/7 2pm – Blue Holiday Worship Service
12/14 &15 Precious Emmanuel Performance