Monday Musings (7/29/13)

judeDear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Prayer is one of the most important things we do in life. Prayer is our communication to God. Prayer is the calming factor in our lives when they are crazy. Prayer is what we do when we give thanks for all the blessings we have received. This past Sunday we looked at the Lord’s Prayer. We talked about what it means to pray and what it means to have the Holy Spirit in our lives that leads us in our prayers. My simple question for you this week is do you pray? What is your prayer life like and how often do you go to God? Prayer is our lifeline to God. Without it we are lost and adrift in the sea of life. But with it we are always connected. How connected are you to God? Perhaps now is the time to get reconnected and to make sure that daily you are checking in with your maker.

Along the Journey,
Pastor Jude
Panera Pick Up/Cleanup
Click here to find the form to signup to help out with Panera. If you are able to help on one of the dates where no one has signed up please call or email the church office and we will add your name to that date. Thanks for your help.

Flood Bucket Collection
We are collecting Items to make flood buckets. Click here for a list of needed items and the open slots we have. If you are able to help please reply back via email to the church office and we will add your name to the list or you can signup Sunday in Worship. The empty lines are the number of items that we still need to make 5 flood buckets. Lines have been removed from certain items because of those who signed up in worship on Sunday. Thanks for giving to those in need.

Sunday School Teacher Rotation
Click here for a list the signup sheet to be a Sunday School teacher for our k – 7 graders for the coming year. All in all we are looking for 12 adults to teach our kids. Each adult will be asked to teach for three weeks in a row and to do this three different times throughout the Sunday school year. They will only prepare a total of three lessons and then teach each lesson to all three classes. (k-1, 2-4, 5-7) This is a rotation type Sunday School curriculum. The benefit to this curriculum is that kids are learning through a lot of different mediums. One week they may learn through cooking, another art, and still another computers. This is sure to keep their attention and help them to learn. For the adults the benefit is that you are not teaching all year long. You still are able to attend your Sunday school class on the weeks that you are not teaching and it gets more people involved in our Sunday School program. So far we have seven adults signed up and we still need five more. If you are interested in teaching or want more information please give Pastor Jude a call.

24 Hour Prayer Vigil:
A 24 hr prayer vigil is being held for Rev. Kathleen Gahagen from August 3rd into August 4th. Rev. Gahagen is the cousin of Pastor Jude and was the pastor of Abiding Savior Lutheran Church in North Tonawanda, New York. She is now on disability leave from her call because of on going health concerns surrounding her cystic fibrosis. This prayer vigil is being held by Abiding Savior but they have invited all other Christians to join in with them during this 24hr period as they pray for their pastor and her health. Pastor Jude would like to invite all of you to do the same as we are called by our Lord to stand in prayer for one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Upcoming Events:
7/31 – 7pm Bruceton Road New Community Reach Out Event
8/11 – Congregate Feed
8/11 – 4pm Choir Family Picnic at Mager’s House (for all current and new choir members)
8/12 – 6:30pm Trustees
8/13 – 7:00pm Adult Sunday School Meeting
8/14 – 1:30pm Community Committee Meeting
8/19 – 10:00am Nurture Committee Meeting
8/20 – 7:00pm Church Council
8/22 – 7:30pm Choir Resumes
8/23 – 6:30pm Church & Community Movie Night (Wreck it Ralph)
8/29 – 7:30pm Choir Practice
9/8 – Return to Regular Worship Schedule & Sunday School Begins
9/9 – 8:30am Men’s Breakfast
9/10 – 6:30pm F.H. In Use
9/10 – 7pm Women’s Forum Meeting
9/20 – 11:30am SASS Meeting
9/21 – South Park Community Day
9/28 – 10am WHUMC Fall Harvest Show
10/13 – Congregant Feed
10/25-26 Fall Adult Retreat at Jumonville
11/2 – WHUMC Spaghetti Dinner 4pm to 7pm
12/8 – Congregate Feed
12/13 & 12/14 Precious Emmanuel Performance
12/24 – 7pm & 11pm Christmas Eve Worship
12/25 – 10am Christmas Day Worship