Monday Musings (7/15/13)

judeDear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In worship this weekend we continued to talk about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.  What are your plans to carry this out?  We all need plans in our lives.  When we are young and just married, we have plans to pay off debt or buy a house.  When we are in our mid years our plans change and we develop new goals like saving for retirement.  When we are older our plans change once again and our desire is usually to be around our family and to enjoy life.  Our faith journey is no different.  If we never plan to grow as disciples of Jesus we will continue to be where we have always been.  God has so much more for each and every one of us.  So, what is your plan?  How are you growing as a disciple of Jesus and how are you inviting others along the Journey.  Just something for you to think about as you go throughout your week.

Along the Journey,

Pastor Jude

Custodian Needed:

As noted in the July/August newsletter, Mary VanGelder is retiring at the end of August.  Today is the deadline for church folks to submit a letter of interest if you are interested in the job.  You can find a brief description of expectations in the July/August newsletter.  If you are interested please send an email to


Upcoming Events:

7/21 – 6:30pm Basic Preaching  Class Begins

7/22 – 7pm Finance Committee Meeting

7/24 – 7:30pm Praise Team

7/31 – 7pm Bruceton Road New Community Reach Out Event

7/31 – 7:30pm Praise Team

8/7 – 7:30pm Praise Team

8/11 – Congregant Feed

8/12 – 6:30pm Trustees

8/14 – 1:30pm Community Committee Meeting

8/19 – 10:00am Nurture Committee Meeting

8/20 – 7:00pm Church Council

8/22 – 7:30pm Choir Resumes

8/23 – 6:30pm Church & Community Movie Night (Wreck it Ralph)

8/29 – 7:30pm Choir Practice

9/8 – Return to Regular Worship Schedule & Sunday School Begins

9/9 – 8:30am Men’s  Breakfast

9/10 – 6:30pm F.H. In Use

9/10 – 7pm Women’s Forum Meeting

9/20 – 11:30am SASS Meeting

9/21 – South Park Community Day

9/28 – 10am WHUMC Fall Harvest Show

10/13 – Congregant Feed

10/25-26 Fall Adult Retreat at Jumonville

11/2 – WHUMC Spaghetti Dinner 4pm to 7pm

12/8 – Congregant Feed

12/13 & 12/14 Precious Emmanuel Performance

12/24 – 7pm & 11pm Christmas Eve Worship

12/25 – 10am Christmas Day Worship