Monday Musings – June 10

judeGrace and Peace to you Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

This week friends I would simply like to ask for your prayers. As Emily, Viv and I attend Annual Conference at Grove City College. Viv is our lay delegate from the church and Emily is going as an equalization delegate from the district. Please also be in prayer Kristin and Doug as they go to volunteer at Annual Conference. This years conference is going to be one full of legislation, budget issues and constitutional amendments from our last General Conference. Besides the business of the Annual Conference we are sure to have some wonderful worship and teaching times. All in all it is going to be a wonderful event but it will take a lot of time and a lot of work. We need to make sure however that we are doing the work of God. This is were you come in. We need your prayers to help us stay on track, to run the race with perseverance, and to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. As your are able please been in prayer for us this week and should you want to join us you are more than invited to. All the sessions are open for you to attend. We meet at Grove City College and we begin this Thursday morning and end with the ordination service on Sunday morning. A schedule of events and a life feed are available at

Along the Journey,
Pastor Jude

Help for Dorothy:
Dorothy Albright, one of our Trustees, is in need of some help to take care of the flowerbeds around the church. If you are interested please give the church office a call to volunteer to lend a hand. Dorothy does a lot around the outside of our facility to keep it beautiful but she can not do it alone. It won’t take much time, just a desire to serve and a willing hand to pull some weeds. Please volunteer today.

Happy Birthday Gladyne Montooth:
We inadvertently missed Gladyne’s birthday in the Out of the Winds. She is one of our founding members and we wanted to take this moment to wish her happy birthday as her birthday approaches on June 14th.

Saturday Evening Worship:
On June 15th and June 22nd we will not have Saturday evening worship. Pastor Jude will be at Annual Conference and then out of town. Saturday evening worship will be held this Saturday the 8th and then resume on the 30th

Dates to Remember
Monday/Wednesday/Thursday at 7pm Zumba Fitness Class in Fellowship Hall
Every Wednesday at 7:30pm our Praise Team Rehearses

6/10 – 6:30pm VBS Setup
6/13 – 11:30am S.A.S.S. Lunch at Bravos
6/13 – Youth Four Christ Meeting in Ed Wing
6/13-6/16 – Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference
6/16 – Congregant Feed
6/17-21 – Community VBS at WHUMC
6/17 – 11:30 Nurture Meeting
6/23 – 7pm Scouts Meeting in FH
7/11 – 7pm Youth For Christ Meeting in Ed Wing
7/14 – 7pm Parents Meeting for Fall Sunday School Program
7/22 – 7pm Finance Committee Meeting
7/31 – Distribute Door Hangers Invitation Event (Sponsored by Community Committee)
8/11 – Congregant Feed
8/14 – 1:30pm Community Committee Meeting
8/20 – 7pm Church Council