Monday Musings (6/3/13)

judeGrace and Peace to you Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Yesterday in worship I told you about the celebration of life service that I was going to attend later that afternoon for one of our pastors who had recently died. I wanted to report to you all about that service and all I can say is WOW! I got there an hour before it started (figuring I was early) and already the parking lot was full and closed. We had to park up the road at a local elementary school. I then waited about thirty minutes to get in the door. By this point there wasn’t enough time to go through the receiving line. It was already very long and worship was to start in about 30 minutes. So, along with the other fourteen hundred folks who gathered in this new worship space I found my seat. Then we began to worship. The praise team opened the time of worship with four powerful songs (songs we know well here at WHUMC) and then the staff of the church led us in prayers, words of comfort, and scripture. Bishop Bickerton then got up and spoke. He didn’t speak about the man but he spoke about who the man was because of Christ in him. He was the greatest disciple maker in our conference and not because of himself but because of Christ in him. After the Bishop was done speaking we continued to worship, singing great hymns of the faith and hearing from the churches choir as they sang Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) by Chris Tomlin. It was truly an amazing celebration of all that God is doing in that congregation (in both its downtown Butler Campus, and its new Crossfire Campus in northern Butler) and it reminded all that God wasn’t done there yet.

All of this made me think of one thing. When it comes time my celebration of life service what will the say about me? What will they say about you? Will they speak only of who you were, what you had done, or how beloved you were? Or will they speak instead of how God used you and talk more about God in you than talk about you? For you see our lives really are not our own, they belong to God. God has called us into relationship with himself. He has called us to be disciples. As disciples he sends us out to share the Good News and to invite others along the Journey so that they may also become disciples.

Something to think about as you live out this week in the Lord and as you seek him new this day and all your days to come.

Along the Journey,
Pastor Jude

Church Sign:
We are still collecting donations for the new Church Sign. Currently we are over the $7,000 mark. Please continue to pray about this and ask God if it is something that you to should be a part of. It is going to dramatically help us share the Good News in this community.

Vehicle Hit Reported:
It has been reported to the church office that on this past Sunday at one of our worship services a grey Chevy Impala was backed into. If you know anything about this please contact the church office.

Saturday Evening Worship:
On June 15th and June 22nd we will not have Saturday evening worship. Pastor Jude will be at Annual Conference and then out of town. Saturday evening worship will be held this Saturday the 8th and then resume on the 30th

MOP’s Fundraiser
Our MOPs group will be hosting a fundraiser this Friday at Brusters on 88 from 6pm to 10pm. Please try to make it out to support them. The mom’s will be there scooping ice-cream

8:30am Service Tech Help
Cindy is looking for people who would be interested in helping her from time to time during the 8:30am service. One job is to work the computer (change the slides) and the other, when she is not here, is to work the soundboard. If this is something you are interested in learning please give us a call here at the church office so we can put you in contact with Cindy.

Dates to Remember
Monday/Wednesday/Thursday at 7pm Zumba Fitness Class in Fellowship Hall
Every Wednesday at 7:30pm our Praise Team Rehearses

6/4 – 7pm SPRC Meeting
6/8 – 2pm Wedding Rehearsal
6/8 – 12pm Fellowship Hall in Use
6/8 – 6pm Worship
6/9 – 1:00pm Scout Event in Parking Lot
6/9 – 3:00pm Wedding at Church
6/9 – 4:00pm Pack Leaders Meeting
6/10 – 6:30pm VBS Setup
6/13 – 11:30am S.A.S.S. Lunch at Bravos
6/13 – Youth Four Christ Meeting in FH
6/16 – Congregant Feed
6/17 – 11:30 Nurture Meeting
6/23 – 7pm Scouts Meeting in FH
6/13-6/16 – Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference
6/17-21 – Community VBS at WHUMC
7/11 – 7pm Youth For Christ Meeting in FH
7/22 – 7pm Finance Committee Meeting
7/31 – Distribute Door Hangers Invitation Event (Sponsored by Community Committee)
8/11 – Congregant Feed
8/14 – 1:30pm Community Committee Meeting
8/20 – 7pm Church Council