Monday Musings (May 6, 2013)

Good Evening Friends,

Peace….do you know it? Christ said to his followers that he was offering it to them. Christ said to them that it would come through the Holy Spirit. We know that on the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit came down upon them in a powerful way. We also know that on that same day over 3,000 people were baptized and they to received the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit came upon them and they for the first time knew peace. What about you today? Do you know the peace that comes from knowing Christ as Lord and Savior? The peace that comes from having received the Holy Spirit into your life? When we know Jesus we have the Spirit. The Spirit is there as the advocate in our lives. The Spirit is there as the counselor in our lives. The Spirit is there as the Spirit of Peace in our lives. Do you know this Peace? Seek to know Jesus and give your life completely to him. If you do then you will know that peace that he offers. A peace that the world can not offer and a peace that it can not understand. We however know it and understand it because we have Jesus.

So remember these words that are so often shared on church signs:
Know Christ and Know Peace. No Christ and No Peace

Along the Journey,
Pastor Jude

Church Sign:
If you have not read the article about the proposed new church sign in the Out of the Winds please check it out today and be in prayer about whether or not God would have you give to this project. A project that will help us here at WHUMC more effectively share what God is doing here at this church with the community around us.

Combined Worship Celebration
On Sunday, May 19th (Pentecost) there will be a combined worship celebration at 10am. We will be ending our Sunday School Year, honoring our students, honoring our teachers, and confirming four of our young persons who will become full members of the church. It will be quite a celebration as we are led in worship by Jodi our Music Director, our Praise Team, and our Chancel Choir. After the worship service there will be a fellowship meal to honor our Confirmands. Plan now to attend and be sure to sign up for the meal during this week’s worship service or call the church office to let us know that you are attending.

Praise Team Leaders to Retire of 10yrs of Service
Dave and Carolyn Anderson announced to the rest of the Praise Team this past Sunday that after ten years of service with the praise team they will be retiring on May 19th. They have spent much of their time helping the group to grow over those ten years and feel that they are being led of the Lord to take some time off to rest and rejuvenate. Their loss will be greatly felt by the praise team but they have raised up new members to take their place. With Cindy being trained to fill the tech needs of the group and Mary, Deb, Rebecca, and a variety of others helping out on the vocal needs. The Praise Team expressed their admiration and thanks for all that Dave and Carolyn have done for the group. They also made it very clear to them that there would always be a place for them in the group when they are ready to return.

Dates to Remember
Monday/Wednesday/Thursday at 7pm Zumba Fitness Class in Fellowship Hall
5/8 – 1:00pm Community Committee
5/10-5/11 WHUMC Spring Adult Retreat at Jumonville
5/12 – Mother’s Day – Choirs Greatest Hits & Sunday School Kids sing at 11am service
5/12 – 7pm God and Me Scout Study
5/13 – 8:30am Men’s Breakfast
5/14 – 7:00pm Women’s Forum
5/17 – 11:30am S.A.S.S.
5/18 – Men’s Guardrails Study (last one)
5/19 – Pentecost Sunday – 10am Combined Worship Service for Confirmation. Fellowship meal to follow
5/26 – Summer Sunday Schedule Begins (8:30am & 10am) (please note that on hot days we will worship in Fellowship Hall for the 10am service) (fellowship time will be in rooms 3&4 in Ed. Wing at 9:30am)
6/13-6/16 – Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference
6/17-21 – Community VBS at WHUMC