Monday Musings (3/4/13)

judeGood Morning Church!

I pray that for you and your family today has been a blessed day.  In worship yesterday we talked about bearing fruit for the Lord.  We talked about how we need to repent of our sin (seek forgiveness and turn from it) so that we are no longer cut off from God but connected to God.  When we are connected to God we receive all the nourishment, provision and blessings we need.  So, my question for you this week is how are you bearing fruit for he Lord?  How are you using your time, talents, and resources to serve our God.  We all know that we have been blessed by the Lord.  Did you know however that God blesses you so that you can be a blessing to others.  This is part of bearing fruit.  So, who are you blessing, how are you serving, and in what ways are you using all that God has given you for his glory?  Something to think about as you being a new week and the fourth week in this season of Lent.

Along the Journey,
Pastor Jude

Dates to Remember
3/6 – 6:45pm Windy Kids
3/10 – Turn Your Clocks Forward
3/10 – Scout Sunday at 11am Worship
3/11 – 8:30am Men’s Breakfast
3/12 – 7:00pm Women’s Forum
3/15 – 11:30am S.A.S.S.
3/19 – 7:00pm SPRC Meeting
3/20 – 6:45pm Windy Kids
3/21 – 1pm Community Committee
3/21 – 5pm Leave for Bishops Day on the District at St. Paul’s UMC, Allison Park
3/23 – 1pm Easter Egg Hunt
3/23 – Afternoon (TBA) Choir Practice
3/24 – Palm Sunday
3/28 – 7:00pm Agape Meal (RSVP with the office)
3/29 – 5:00pm Torre/Belback Wedding at WHUMC
3/29 – 7:00pm Good Friday Worship at Grace Lutheran
3/30 – 6:00pm Easter Vigil Worship
3/31 – 8:30am & 11:00am Easter Worship
3/31 – 9:45am Special Kids Sunday School
3/31 – 10:30am Choir Practice
4/8 – 8:30am Men’s Breakfast
4/9 – 7:00pm Women’s Forum
4/13 – 4:00pm 2nd Annual Roast-beef Dinner
4/14 – 11:00am Mops Sunday at WHUMC
4/19 – 11:30am S.A.S.S.
4/20 – 7:00pm Blue Grass Concert at WHUMC
4/21 – 6:30pm Jodi’s Music Recital at WHUMC (7 church kids take lessons from Jodi)
4/22 – 7:00pm Finance Meeting
4/27 – Women’s Forum Brunch
4/28 – Begin dropping items off after 11am service for May Market
5/3 – 5/4 WHUMC Spring Adult Retreat (more info to come)
5/4 – Mops May Market
5/8 – 1:00pm Community Committee
5/12 – Mother’s Day – Choirs Greatest Hits & Sunday School Kids sing at 11am service
5/13 – 8:30am Men’s Breakfast
5/14 – 7:00pm Women’s Forum
5/17 – 11:30am S.A.S.S.
5/19 – Pentecost Sunday – 10am Combined Worship Service for Confirmation.  Fellowship meal to follow
5/26 – Summer Sunday Schedule Begins (8:30am & 10am) (please note that on hot days we will worship in Fellowship Hall for the 10am service)
6/13-6/16 – Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference
6/17-21 – Community VBS at WHUMC