Monday Musings (1/28/13)

Dear Church Family,

It is good to be home! We have missed you all very much and have felt very much loved upon our return by a decorated office, groceries brought to our door, and many well wishes. You may have missed the Monday Musings over these past few busy weeks. Now that Christmas is done and I am back from vacation, Monday Musings have returned.

This week I want to share with you something I experienced while on our cruise. What I experienced was the faith of others. It was amazing to walk by tables on deck in the morning and see people who were reading their Bibles and doing their devotions. It was great to see people at their formal evening meals stopping to say a word of prayer. At our own table we each took turns saying the blessing. The ministers began it and the children ended our days at sea in prayer.

All of this made me think about our daily lives. How often do you live out your faith daily? How often do you let others see you in prayer, reading your Bible, or simply praising God. The world out there wants to know and wants to see. Are we as the Church standing up and sharing Jesus? I pray that in the week a head you will take the time to share Jesus with the world and know that others are watching you. They too are either praising God or longing for what you have.

Along the Journey,
Pastor Jude

Fellowship Hall
We had a water pipe burst in fellowship hall on Saturday. The Trustees and the insurance company are taking care of the problem but the Fellowship Hall is out of service for this week. They assure me however that it will be back in service for Saturday and for Sunday. It will not be totally put back together but will be in working order.

Souper-Bowl This Sunday after 11am Worship
The Women’s Forum will be hosting their annual soup lunch this Sunday after the 11am service. A free will offering will be received but their is no charge for this event. Because of this event there will not be Panera available between the two services. Coffee and tea will be available however. Fellowship time will resume next week as normal.

Sunday Sign-ups
This Sunday be sure to sign-up for Congregant Feed which will be happening on Sunday, February 17th
Also be sure to sign-up for the Lenten Studies beginning on Wednesday 3/20 at either 10am or 7pm

Community Ash Wednesday Service
Pastor Jude will lead the Community Ash Wednesday Service at 7pm on 3/13 at Grace Lutheran Church. Please plan now to attend this important service that marks the beginning of the Lenten Season.