Monday Musings (11/12/12)

Dear Church Family,

In worship and in Sunday school yesterday we talked about abiding in Jesus.  How is it that you are abiding in Christ today?  We know that the Bible tells us that to abide we must be connected to Christ.  When we are connected to Christ we receive all that we need for life from him.  When we receive that with which we are blessed with it enables us to produce fruit for the Lord.  What fruit are you producing?

We have an awesome faith but if we are not abiding in our Savior then it is a dead faith.  Jesus came that you might have an abundant and amazing life.  I pray this week and all the days that come that you will be abiding in Jesus.  That you are daily reading God’s Word, being in prayer, seeking to share the Lord, and desiring to help the lost, lonely, and least in our world.  God loves you and has blessed you beyond measure.  How are you living that you might be a blessing to others?

Abide in Christ this day and allow him to work in your life.  Amen!

Along the Journey,

Pastor Jude

Upcoming Church Events:

  • Every Wednesday – 7:30pm Praise Team Practice
  • Every Thursday – 7pm Choir Practice
  • Saturday – 6pm Worship
  • Sunday 8:30am & 11am Worship
  • Tuesday, 11/13 MOP’s Meeting at 9:30am
  • Tuesday, 11/13 Women’s Forum at 7pm
  • Thursday, 11/15 Church Committee Reports due to Church Office
  • Friday, 11/16 S.A.S.S. at 11:30am
  • Friday, 11/16 Pack 569 Meeting at 7pm
  • Sunday, 11/18 3rd Grade Bible Recognition at 11am Service
  • Sunday, 11/18 Signup for Congregant Feed Begins
  • Monday, 11/19 Out of the Winds Articles Due
  • Wednesday, 11/21 at 7pm South Park Community Thanksgiving Worship at Grace Lutheran
  • Wednesday, 11/21 at 8pm Choir Practice (no choir on 11/22)
  • Saturday, 11/24 Fellowship Hall Reserved
  • Sunday, 11/25 – Christ the King Sunday – Bring Your Thanksgiving Offering to Worship
  • Monday, 11/26 – Education Wing Carpets to be cleaned
  • Tuesday, 11/27 at 7pm Church Council Meeting (2013 budget vote)
  • Wednesday, 11/28 at 6:45pm Windy Kids
  • 12/1 – Fellowship Hall Reserved
  • 12/2 Kid’s Sunday School Celebration for Attendance for the first quarter (after church)
  • 12/2 – Angel’s for Mt. Vernon Nursing Home available on the Angel Tree (during worship)
  • 12/2 Hanging of the Greens and Pizza right after 11am worship (steelers a 4:30 start)
  • 12/3 at 6:30pm Trustees Meeting
  • 12/9 Congregant Feed
  • 12/10 at 8:30am Men’s Breakfast
  • 12/10 in the pm MOP’s Cookie Exchange
  • 12/12 – 6:45pm Windy Kids
  • 12/14 – 1pm Community Committee Meeting to setup
  • 12/14 – 7pm Pack 569 Meeting
  • 12/15 – 12pm – Birthday in Bethlehem (Community Outreach Event)
  • 12/19 – Fellowship Hall Reserved
  • 12/24 4:30pm Christmas Eve Worship at Grace Lutheran,
  • 12/24 – 7pm Family Christmas Eve Service with Choir & Candelighting at WHUMC
  • 12/14 – 11pm Traditional Christmas Eve Communion Worship & Candlelighting at WHUMC
  • 12/25 10am Christmas Day Worship at WHUMC
  • 12/30 Combined Worship Service Sunday Morning
  • 12/30 Un-decorating after Worship