Cheryl Harrison’s most recent (10/4/12) post from Latvia


I wanted to send a short update with some of the things happening on my side of the world.

It is a whirlwind time of year, as the seasons change….and I am in the midst of what I call my more intense season.

September began with a trip to London for a YWAM Global Leaders Gathering. Close to 300 gathered together from the nations of the earth, to pray, share, hear from God together and enjoy fellowship over good food. It was a rich time of meeting old friends, some whom I haven’t seen in years and others who are special to me. But wonderful to also meet new people, from all over. I heard amazing reports of the spread of the Gospel around the world, and the challenge to continue to be a part of that.

The Lord has been doing some interesting things in Latvia, and He surprised us by leading our DTS team to join up with YWAM St Petersburg, Russia and combine our schools this fall. The first 2 months of lecture phase happens here at our training center in Latvia and then 3rd month in St Petersburg, Russia. They will then continue on for an additional 2-3 months of outreach…..not sure where yet… The students are from 5 nations and the school is trilingual. But I have heard great reports so far.

As a ministry, there is a lot of transition taking place and there are changes of people. Some long termers have been led to move on….either to another location, or to another season in their lives. We are waiting expectantly to see the new things that He is going to birth in the midst of much change. But sometimes things are hidden from us for a season, but when the birth takes place, it is amazing to see something so full of life and beauty.

5-7 October, our staff, volunteers, children, students and some guests gather together for a few days to hear from the Lord and hopefully gain some fresh strength. Please be praying for this key time and that the Holy Spirit would lead and speak and that we would allow all that God purposes for these days. I really ask for your prayers on our behalf, I know that some are coming carrying heavy burdens, others are weary from battle, some are seeking for some fresh and clear vision, and others are enthusiastic from seeing breakthroughs and momentum. We recognize most of all that we need to meet with the Lord, as well as see our relationships strengthened and renewed.

A few days after this ends, I am on my way for a short trip to Dublin, Ireland with an interdenominational team to see what the Lord is doing amongst Latvians in Ireland, as many have gone to work there the past 10 years. A church has been planted and there is a fresh work in many hearts. We hope to bring encouragement and strengthening to them and share about missions. I am looking forward to see what the Lord is up to and how we should be involved there in the future.

This, at least gives a small picture of what’s happening and I will try to share more details after I return.

Thank you for your support, your words of encouragement, and prayer….God’s faithfulness and your obedience undergird all that I do.

Grace, peace!