Monday Musings (9/24/12)

Dear Church Family,

In worship we heard from Acts 2 and we got to see how the early church operated.  There were four things that were very important to the early Church and hopefully they are still important to the Church today:

1. Devotion to being taught – they had to learn about God.  They studied God’s Word and they listened to the apostles.  The question for the disciple here is how am I doing at learning more about God?  Do I know more today about the Lord than I did last year at this time?

2.  Devotion to Fellowship – this is more than people just getting together and sitting around a table.  True fellowship is getting to know those brothers and sisters in Christ around you.  Getting to know them on a deep level and allowing them to know you in the same way.  It is about being personal and intimate as the body of Christ.  The question for the disciple is who do I know from the Church in this way and who do I allow from the Church to know me in this way?

3. Devotion to the breaking of bread (Communion)  As we said in church this has two meanings.  The first is the getting together and sharing a meal with other believers.  The second is partaking of Holy Communion with other believers.  As disciples we need to ask ourselves, when was the last time I shared a meal with other believers or had other believers over to my house?  When was the last time I received Communion?  Jesus said to do this in memory of him…am I doing it?

4. Devotion to prayer – This is our lifeline to God.  This is how we communicate with God and God with us.  The Disciple question here is, what is my prayer life like?  Is it nonexistent or shallow?  Now is the time for those desiring to know Jesus to begin by talking with him and allowing him to talk to them.  I think you will be amazed, much like the early Church was, at what God will do.

As you read through these four areas, how do you rate?  Did you receive a 4 out of 4, or do you have some work to do?  Part of being a Disciple of Jesus Christ is growing in him.  If we aren’t partaking of the sustenance that he offers us then how can we grow?  Much like each of us needs food and water to nourish us physically each day, so we also need Study, Fellowship, Communion, and Prayer to nourish us spiritually each day.

Along the Journey,

Pastor Jude