Monday Musings (9/17)

Dear Church Family,

Yesterday in worship we talked about being doers of the Word and in Sunday School we talked about having a Christ Controlled Life. It is only when we give our whole lives over to Christ and receive him as our Lord and Savior that we are able to begin living the way God wants us to live. God offers us the free gift of salvation. Once we come to the place of receiving this gift we are then on the road of doing what God wants us to do. In order for us to be about God’s work though, we need the Holy Spirit in our lives to lead us and guide us each and every day. Not listening to the Holy Spirit is like having a GPS that is directing you to your destination but you head off in another direction. God’s Spirit is in every believer reminding them that they are a loved creation, called into relationship, and called to do the works that God has foreordained them to do. From this past Sunday we have two questions.

1. Have you received Jesus and given every bit of myself to him? (The fruit of this is that you use my time, talents, and resources for the Lord)
2. Am I seeking to follow Jesus daily by living a Christ Controlled life where the Holy Spirit is leading me daily? (I am therefore about God’s work)

Two hard questions for you to answer and yet even though they are hard they must still be answered. God has called us to have in ourselves that mind that is in Christ Jesus. So that we grow to become more and more like him. We can not be like him if we do not first receive him and then continue to live as he lived. He gave us the example for life. The question for us is will we follow him?

Along the Journey,
Pastor Jude