Monday Musings (9/10/12)

Dear Church Family,

It was great to see so many faces in worship and to see some of our family we haven’t seen all summer. Between the three services we saw 192 different people in worship. We also had an all time high Sunday School attendance with 102. It was quite a day here at WHUMC.

In the Saturday evening service we talked about the Love of God in our lives and we looked at how God provides even when we don’t know we need the provision (like with technology). On Sunday morning we read from James and we looked at trials and temptations of life. We talked about how we deal with trials and how we are called to receive them with Joy because they produce endurance and that leads to Christian maturity. We talked about how temptations come and how they are not from God. They come from our own selfish desires. Yet God has provided another way, that way is Jesus Christ. In Sunday School the Kids talked about Moses and Gods provision in his life. The adults dealt with the idea of Christian Certainty. The question of how we know that we know that we know that we know that we are saved. As I said it was quite a weekend here at WHUMC and all of it begs the question, where were you? Were you here, were you part of it or did you miss out? If you missed out we hope you will join us this Saturday or Sunday. We hope you will come to Sunday school to learn what it means to live as a person who’s life is Christ controlled. We hope you will come on Saturday join in the conversation of who is Jesus? Or perhaps we will see you on Sunday and join us as we look at what it means to listen as a Christian and live out this life as a Christian. Either way we look forward to seeing you in the week ahead and we are excited by what God is doing here at WHUMC….we hope you are too.

Along the Journey,
Pastor Jude