Monday Musings (8/19/12)

Good Evening WHUMC Family,

Yesterday in worship we talked about abiding in Jesus. How do you abide in Him? I had an interesting conversation with someone today who told me that you didn’t need to go to church to be a Christian. While this may be technically true, for me it is like saying I don’t need to talk to my wife to be married. Yes, we can be married and never talk but what kind of relationship is that? We all know and have experienced that the closer we are with God the more blessings we realize. I don’t know about all of you but when I miss, for what ever reason, worship, I can feel it. So, how do you abide with Jesus? Is it in worship, in the Word, in prayer, with Christian friends, or in some other spiritual way? It is important that we abide daily with our Lord and that we allow our Lord to abide daily with us. Have a blessed week and keep your eyes open. You never know when God is going to show up right where you are.

Along the Journey,

Pastor Jude