Monday Musings (8/13/12)

Good Morning WHUMC Family,

I hope that all of you had a blessed weekend and are now in the midst of living this new week in the Lord. Yesterday in worship I spoke on eternity and Jesus being the Bread of Life that fills us completely. I pray that you know this bread of life. I pray that you are complete in him and searching for nothing else to fill you except him. I pray that you are living in his will for your life and allowing him to confirm the will daily. God loves you and God has wonderful plans for you. He wants to meet with you daily and he is waiting for you. Have you met with him today? Have you greeted him? I can’t imagine getting up in the morning or going through my day and not speaking to my wife or children. They are so much apart of me that I can’t be apart from them. This is how it should be with us and God. I pray that you will find the intimate time with God today and that you will continue to know his peace and blessings in your daily live. God bless you all.

Along the Journey,
Pastor Jude