Monday Musings (7/23/12)

Dear WHUMC Church Family,

Sorry this is a few days late but this has been a crazy week in ministry. There is a lot going on as we plan for this Sunday’s combined 10am worship service and fellowship meal. This past Sunday I preached on using our Talents (the gifts God has given to each of us) for the Lord. How are you doing this? How are you using your time for God? Are you volunteering with some organization, helping out someone in need, or simply applying your time to the reading of God’s Word. How are you using your abilities for the Lord? God has enabled each of us to do certain things. As much as I would love to play the organ on Sunday mornings, this simply is not an ability that I have. Thankfully we have those around here who do have those abilities and they use them for the Lord. What about you? How are you using the talents God has given to you to His Glory? Finally what about your finances. All of our finances have been given to us by God. He blesses us so that we might be a blessing to others. How are you using what God has given to you to His Glory? How are you giving back unto the Lord that the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ might continue? I pray that in this week that you will take a look at your lives and take the time to count the blessings that God has given to you. Then you will look at those blessings and ask how you might be able to use them so that you can be a blessing to those around you. Amen.

Remember that this Sunday after the fellowship meal I will give the State of the Church address. During this time there will be games for the children to play. If you are not going to be able to be there with us there will be a recording of the presentation for you to watch at another time.

I want to remind you of some events that are coming up in the life of the church for this month:
This Wednesday and every Wednesday until August 15th at 7pm is Wednesday Worship in the Memorial Garden
Sunday, 7/29 is our combined worship service at 10am and Fellowship Meal at 11am
Sunday, 7/29 the SPRC will meet briefly after the worship service
Sunday, 7/29 I will give my State of the Church address at the end of the fellowship meal
Tuesday, 7/31 the Church Council will meet at 7pm

I pray that all of you will have a blessed week. Please know that if you need me I am only a phone call, text, or email away. God bless you all

Along the Journey,
Pastor Jude