Monday Musings (7/11/12)

Dear WHUMC Church Family,

Each Monday as I am able I will attempt to write to you and update you on ministry items happening here at WHUMC.  My hope is to stay in contact with all of you, to encourage you in the faith, and to keep you informed.  For you that were not with us this past Sunday, we worshiped in the Fellowship Hall for the 10am service.  It was a wonderful time of worship and everyone seemed to enjoy the cooler atmosphere.  On Sundays where the temperature continues to be high we will continue to worship in the fellowship hall at 10am.  Because of this our Panera Fellowship Time is being held in the Education Wing rooms.

This past week I preached on fasting.  If you missed that sermon please go to the website ( and listen to it.  Each week we record the 8:30am service and post it there.  Throughout July I will be preaching on Holy Disciplines.  I preached the first week on Prayer and as I mentioned this past week was on Fasting.  These are two wonderful Holy Disciplines that help to bring us closer to the Lord.  In order for this to happen however we must first know the Lord.  I would encourage all of you to take a look at your relationship with Jesus.  Do you know him?  Are you following him?  Are you living daily for him?  You will know whether you are or not for the Holy Spirit will inform your spirit as to where you are.  Please remember it was John Wesley who said that there is no half Christian.  You either are or you are not!  Where are you today with the Lord?

I want to remind you of some events that are coming up in the life of the church for this month:

  •    Tonight at 7pm the Finance Committee will be meeting
  •    This Wednesday and every Wednesday until August 15th at 7pm is Wednesday Worship in the Memorial Garden
  •    Monday, 7/16 the Nurture Committee will meet at 10am
  •    Tuesday, 7/24 the Education Committee will meet at 6:30pm
  •    Sunday, 7/29 is our combined worship service at 10am and Fellowship Meal at 11am
  •    Sunday, 7/29 the SPRC will meet briefly after the worship service
  •    Sunday, 7/29 I will give my State of the Church address at the end of the fellowship meal
  •    Tuesday, 7/31 the Church Council will meet at 7pm

Some Future Dates to remember are:

  •    8/7 – 6:30pm Trustees Meeting
  •    8/14 – 7pm Women’s Forum Meeting
  •    8/22 – 7pm Fundraising Committee Meeting
  •    8/28 – 1pm Community Committee Meeting
  •    8/31 – 6pm Washington Wild Things Game (see newsletter on website)
  •    9/8 – 6pm Saturday Evening Worship Begins
  •    9/9 – Fall Worship Times Begin
  •    9/9 – Sunday School Starts Back
  •    9/10 – Men’s Breakfast Starts Back
  •    9/11 – 911 Service at Sunny Slopes – We are giving out water again this year
  •    9/21 – S.A.S.S. Starts Back
  •    9/22 – South Park Community Day – We are having a booth at this event
  •    9/29 – WHUMC Fall Harvest Show at South Park
  •    10/5&6 – WHUMC Adult Fellowship Retreat at Jumonville (see attached flier)

I pray that all of you will have a blessed week.  Please know that if you need me I am only a phone call, txt, or email away.

God bless you all

Along the Journey,

Pastor Jude