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We invite you to come and worship with us this weekend. We have two Sunday worship services: 9am and 11am . Sunday school is at 10am. Continue reading

Recent Announcements

Notes from the Pastor…….

If you or a loved one are having surgery or are in the hospital and would like the pastor to know, to visit and to pray with you, please notify him at sjgruver@gmail.com as soon as you are able or contact the church the office.  This will allow Pastor Steve to make sure to prioritize his schedule to see you.  If he is unavailable, a member of our Visitation Team may stop and visit or pray with you. Thank you. 

Meeting Announcements:

Reminder:S.A.S.S.will not be meeting in February.

Upcoming Events:

† Ash Wednesday services will be held on February 14th at 7:00 pm at Grace Lutheran Church.

Women’s Forum will host a Pampered Chef fundraiser on March 14th in Fellowship Hall at 6:30 pm. Contact Viv if you have any questions.

Pam is coming to the March S.A.S.S. meeting. Welcome in spring with spring decorations. We will draw a name and winner will take home the decorations.

Missions Notes:

Please pray for Monica Kaufold (Eighth Avenue Place administrator) and her family. She recently learned her unborn daughter is showing signs of a heart defect. “Short of a pre-birth miracle healing, our daughter will be facing surgery within days of being born and will need many more as and her heart grow, as well as more surgeries throughout adulthood for maintenance.”

General Announcements:

2017 Contributions Statements are available for pickup in the narthex.  Please contact the church office if you know of a family who needs to have the statement mailed to them.

Church Member Contact Update Forms are available in the narthex. If you have not already completed a form or the on-line form, please complete and place in the offering plate or drop off at the office.Thank you.

Office Notes:

To place an announcement in the Weekly Email, Bulletin or The Winds, please send information to windoverhills@comcast.net or call 412-653-6899 by the following time frames.

Weekly Announcement – Email or Call by Wednesday 10:00 am
Weekly Bulletin – Email or Call by Thursday by 10:00 am
Monthly Newsletter Out of the Winds– Email or Call by last Wednesday 10:00 am of previous month. (i.e.Wednesday, February 21)

Please let the office know if there is anything you would like posted on bulletin board directly outside of the office. We would be happy to help.

Committee Chairpersons: In effort to create a communication system for team meetings, please send to the church office via email (windoverhills@comcast.net) or mail- a complete listing of your committee member names, email addresses, mailing addresses and preferred contact number(s).